My name is Carl J Samuelson, on the internet I can be found by carljsamuelson.

Mainly I'll be writing about two things: Running and Movies.

All my life I've loved movies, so writing about them makes sense to me.

However, in December of 2008, I took up running. It's literally changed my life. Not only did it help me lose over 100 pounds, it's helped me keep that weight off. Don't get me wrong, diet has played an important role in my "transformation" too, but the running is what gets me excited! So I'll be writing about that too.

However, I do reserve the right to brain dump sometimes! :^D

In my work life, I'm what they used to call a "Computer Programmer". I started out in mainframe (COBOL, PL/I), then a former employer had some web development they wanted done. And so started my career in Web Development. Which I've been doing now for the last 10 years (has it been that long?).

Like my short bio says: I'm a happily married very proud father of two, quit the drink in '06, and have been running since 12/08.

Some pictures for you to enjoy:
Dad carljsamuelson
My Dad and I
Mohawk carljsamuelson
The 'Hawk
WhyDoYouRun carljsamuelson
My "Transformation"
2012 Omaha Half Marathon carljsamuelson NDFORNZ®
Courtesy NDFORNZ®

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