Movie Round Up!

A catch-up post? Yep. Sorry, I'm lazy.

I've been fortunate enough to take in a couple of the February releases:

Identity Thief: imdb | official site
A Good Day To Die Hard: imbd | official site
Safe Haven: imdb | official site

Identity Thief has two of my favorite comedic actors in it: Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. I was expecting wall-to-wall laughs, the non-stop kind. That didn't happen. There were stretches where I was... bored. When it was funny, though, it was VERY funny. I nearly choked from laughter during the scene with Eric Stonestreet

A Good Day To Die Hard in one word: awful. From Willis' phoning it in, to the laughably bad "action" scenes, and the forced inclusion of the "Yippie Kiyay..." line, this movie has nothing the previous entries had. I've wasted $5 on worse things before, but, this is Die Hard for cryin' out loud! At the core was a really cool story too, just, wasted.

Safe Haven sucked. Julianne Hough needs to find a different gig, because she cannot act. Her portrayal of an abuse victim rang false, in every way. From the douche factory that vomited The Notebook onto the world, I didn't have any expectations for this "movie", and even those weren't met. It's an insult to films to call this turd a "movie".

Identity Thief, 3 outta 4 whatevers.
A Good Day To Die Hard, 1 outta 4 whatevers.
Safe Haven, 1 outta 4 whatevers (because Cobie Smulders).

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